EO Bahrain Learns Art of Venture Capital

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Venture Capital Fund Bahrain recently hosted its second forum, titled "Venture Capital Fund Bahrain - Targeting Promising Small and Medium Enterprises in the Kingdom of Bahrain." The event was attended by members of EO Bahrain. 

Dr. Ahmed Al Jawhary, a member of the Venture Capital Fund Bahrain's Board of Directors, made a presentation detailing the Fund's philosophy, objectives and processes. Explaining the Fund's philosophy and objectives, Dr. Al Jawhary said, "A review of world's developed economies illustrates clearly the vital role that continues to be played by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in sustaining and growing these economies. This segment of economy has, for far too long, been ignored by financial institutions in our region. The Fund in working with SMEs does also play an important role in helping the growth of Bahrain's economy in areas such as export and employment."

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