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Business Action is for entrepreneurial business owners & their leadership teams with between 3-200 staff, whose businesses have plateaued or whose wheels are falling off.

As a passionate and forward-thinking team, you know things need to change.

They offer structured business coaching programmes, leadership coaching, business masterminds & EOS Implementation by accredited EOS Implementers.

They follow proven processes guaranteeing performance, giving you the confidence to make the hard calls that will improve your business and your life.

Their specialities are Family Business & Professional Services but they have worked with clients across a broad range of industries and what binds them is not their size or industry, but their desire to scale up.

Business Action was started by Debra Chantry-Taylor in 2005 and in 2022, Jeni and Nick Clift joined as Key Partners.

Debra, Jeni & Nick work with the Business Action team & our Trusted Partners to service clients across the APAC region.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a set of simple concepts and practical tools used by more than 190,000+ companies around the world to clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. Look at your business in a whole new way – through the lens of the Six Key Components™.

EOS helps leadership teams work with the owners, leadership team & partners to help them understand what they want, develop a plan, discipline & accountability to achieve this & ensure that everyone is doing what they love, with the people they love.

EOS Implementers are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. They have owned and led businesses, and typically have successfully exited their own companies. They have been in your shoes as a business leader; they wear the battle scars. Many have used EOS in their own businesses, seeing the results first-hand. They bring their real-world experiences to each session, enhancing the teaching and facilitation process with their own unique stories. They help entrepreneurs clarify their vision, gain traction and increase team health through simple, proven & practical tools.

Debra Chantry-Taylor, as your implementer, brings infectious energy, a curious nature & a lot of fun into the session room. She’s not afraid to call out the elephant in the room & is happy to facilitate difficult conversations in a kind but firm manner, to ensure that everyone is heard & the right decisions are made for the greater good.

Debra has lived the high life, finding huge success with large privately owned companies & the low life, having lost it all, not once but twice. She uses these experiences, along with her formal qualifications in her EOS role as a Teacher, Facilitator & Coach. Having worked with >600 business owners & having led teams of hundreds herself, Debra would love to help you.

EOS implementation can truly transform an organisation & they’ll help you & your leadership team focus on solving the issues that hold you back.



They offer a free 90-minute meeting for anyone interested in EOS.

For EO members, they will offer a full set of the hardcover EOS books for the team & a kindle (pre-loaded with the books) for the business owner, when they sign up as an EOS client:

- Traction
- Get a Grip
- Process
- The EOS Life
- Rocketfuel
- How to be a Great Boss

Their services are fully guaranteed – if you don’t see any value, you don’t pay!

Available to speak, free of charge, at forums (virtually or in person) on various topics:

- The EOS model & tools
- Managing & maximising your energy as an Entrepreneur
- How to be a Great Boss
- Living your ideal entrepreneurial life
- Rocketfuel – the role of a Visionary & an Integrator
Process - Use Discipline and Consistency to set you & your Business Free

Additionally, Debra can present at your forums any of these 3 topics that she is passionate about, as well as other topics that could be relevant to the members:

- Managing & maximising your Energy as an Entrepreneur
- How to be a great boss
- How to get more of what you want from your business through strengthening 6 key components

Contact: Debra Chantry-Taylor, Accredited Family Business Advisor | Business & Leadership Coach| EOS Implementer at EOS Worldwide
PhoneL 0420 855 405
Email: [email protected]

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