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EO Member Benefits:

Maximize Your Talent
 ~ Training Programs
 ~ Recruiting Assistance
 ~ Performance Management
 ~ Culture Development
 ~ Engagement Programs
 ~ Leadership Development
 ~ Compensation and Incentive Assistance

Minimize Your Risk
 ~ Administrative Infrastructure
 ~ Government Compliance
 ~ Succession Planning
 ~ Interview and Selection Training
 ~ Safety Programs
 ~ Reduced Inefficiencies
 ~ Benefits Management

About Insperity:
Insperity seeks to help small and midsize businesses reach their goals by focusing on two major areas, maximizing talent and minimizing risk. We maximize talent by implementing a human capital strategy and providing infrastructure that helps businesses attract, retain, manage, develop and reward their people. This is achieved by providing Fortune 500 level benefits, performance management automation, training and development programs, employee engagement assistance and more. We minimize the risk of being an employer by providing a dedicated support team and technology platform that; ensures compliance, provides guidance, improves documentation, increases safety and protects your profits. If you’re looking to improve your business through the power of your people, Insperity is the partner you need to help your business run better, grow faster and make more money.

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