Ministry of Youth Affairs

Kuwait City / Sharq Al-Shuhada St/ Hamra Tower Phone: 1880003



Since time immemorial, peoples and nations paid attention to their youth and viewed them as the cornerstone on which to build their aspired ambitions and goals. In modern times, many states have resorted to designing youth-oriented strategies, convene various types of conferences, forums as well as form commissions which serve the interests of the youth and develop the youth-targeted services. Within this context, the State of Kuwait, on a par with other states, views its youth as its unrivalled asset.

Thus, realizing that the youth with their outstanding intellectual potentials and physical energies could be counted on for producing success in various domains, particularly if given due care, having their problems resolved, and their needs fulfilled and obstacles removed from their way. In its approach to youth issues, the State of Kuwait gives them priority attention as they can be reliable for achieving the aspired present and future development goals. Currently, the youth receives the undivided attention of the top political leadership represented by H.H. the Amir, H.H the Crown Prince and the government of Kuwait. This dedication to the youth represents a continuing history of youth care efforts made by government authorities over the past few decades, which were centered round providing the essential services to the youth sector which currently represents 60% of the population structure. Such youth-oriented efforts witnessed a remarkable and enhanced development with the recent establishment of the Ministry of State for youth Affairs, in addition to constituting a ministerial commission on the youth at cabinet level. At its inception, the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs took the initiative of devising short-term and strategic plans and programs which foster issues concerning the youth at all levels.

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