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08 April 2013 – I first met Adrienne when I was Executive Director of a global non-profit Business for Diplomatic Action. I engaged Adrienne to join our mostly male board for several reasons not least of which included her different way of thinking. Adrienne is at her core an entrepreneur. And entrepreneurs think differently. They problem solve in ways that continue to inspire and perplex those around them. Adrienne also represented an industry, digital marketing, that is rapidly evolving and challenging business models in every industry. In addition to founding and running her own successful digital marketing firm she also serves as a Global Director of the Entrepreneurs Organization, travelling globally to help encourage and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and global citizens. In short, she is a force of nature, wise beyond her years, and I feel so fortunate to have her as a dear friend. I caught up with Adrienne recently and asked her to reflect on her business InSite which is celebrating its 15th anniversary next month, the lessons she's learned along the way, the takeaways, and insights she'd wish she'd known when she began.

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