The Case of the Missing Cutlery: Kevin Allen: “Leadership isn’t static – it is going somewhere… a journey toward a fantastic goal.” Setbacks aren’t exceptions – they are an inextricable part of your journey. They are a gift – when things get real, and everyone is paying attention. The powerful leadership moments. Mutual respect and trust creates buoyancy – where we hold each other up because we chose to. Great stories, real life.

Multipliers: Liz Wiseman puts a sobering spin on many of our entrepreneurial ‘habits’ – things that were so important in start-up and bootstrap phase… that are not helpful now that we have 10 or 40 or 400 employees. Great blog, free quiz, much to think about.

Difficult Conversations – Thanks for the Feedback: We want to learn and grow, but we also really want to be just perfect. Listening to feedback is crucial… and quite difficult. Receiving is actually more important than giving. Uncomfortable is where the magic is.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Patrick Lencioni – looking at the role of a leader as a pyramid – with vulnerability is the base. Human and real. Written as a fable - short and readable.

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