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Using EOS ®, we’ve helped business owners get what they want: a company that works together towards achieving the owner’s vision – in a healthy way. In our sessions, we’ve helped dozens of leadership teams across the United States to break through and become more effective – 15% revenue growth on average year over year, almost 50% of the companies are now ranked among Best Places to Work, and survey results indicating almost 90% employee satisfaction.

For Bill Duguay, every moment not spent in school growing up was spent with his dad doing home remodels and landscaping. His first exposure to entrepreneurism was not a choice, it was a necessity for the family. That work ethic allowed Bill to grow, from the bottom all the way to CEO. Bill took the reins of $250M Employee-Owned contractor that was struggling. With the leadership team, he turned it around and doubled the value. Doing that, he sat in a lot of seats, some of them pretty hot. It was frustrating, with lots of roadblocks and barriers and felt more like brute force than finesse. The successes and failures he had, made him realize, the more invested the people were, around who they were and where they were going, the better they performed. That coaching, teaching, communicating better, drive success. When Bill heard about EOS at a peer group, and people he know well and respected getting unstuck using EOS, he knew he found the answer for helping leadership teams perform better. So, Bill came back to his roots, working with entrepreneurial companies, ones who are passionate about their journey. For Bill, that’s where the real energy, the sense of urgency is.


EO Forum Presentation Topics Available:

Delegate and Elevate – Saying No and Saying Yes!

Leaders tend to be CDO’s…Chief Doing Officers. Cut it out. Ambitious leaders feel they can do anything – or at least almost everything. Therefore, they tend to become the chief expert, the funnel, and the go-to on almost any decision, and it doesn’t go away as you grow the team – it just gets harder on YOU. The truth is, you can’t be responsible for everything and still achieve the results you dream of. So, what do you do? Run an exercise to learn:
  • Where you are spending your time, and where you should
  • Some tips and tricks to begin elevating others to what you shouldn’t be doing
Does your team put the Dis in Dysfunctional?

Teamwork is hard, and most companies face a series of dysfunctions. There’s hope. Using the simple yet powerful model presented by best-selling author Patrick Lencioni in his book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Bill can help you understand where your team’s challenges lie, and how to fix them. In this overview:
  • Get an overview of the model
  • Discover your own perceptions on where your team needs work.
  • Learn practical information and strategies that you can put to use immediately, and apply on an ongoing basis to help your company become more productive and cohesive.

Having a Hard Time Having the Hard Conversation?

Are you or the members of your team finding it hard to have “hard conversations”, or just avoiding them outright? Unless you've had special training, you’re not alone. In any organization, what gets talked about and how it gets talked about determines what will or won’t happen. Based on the teachings and concepts of the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott, learn a specific, immediately practical tool that will help you enter the danger, come out with real clarity moving forward, and at the same time enriching the relationship.

How to Get the Right People… in the Right Seats

It’s common knowledge that you cannot have a great company without great people, and this is one of the biggest issues facing growing organizations today. “Right people” means that your employees fit with your culture and share your core values. “Right seat” means that the employees have the unique ability to do the job, and to do it well. Even one or two wrong fits can destroy the organization. Learn to use two simple tools to help you make the right call and build a dynamic team that can achieve greatness. You’ll learn:
  • How to analyze your current and future team
  • How to trade in your old organizational chart and replace it with an accountability chart that clearly shows who is accountable for what in your organization.
  • How to help your leadership team lead, manage, and be people be accountable
  • Learn to better delegate and elevate others to do the work that you just shouldn’t (or don’t want to) be doing.

Stop the madness…Get your team to follow you.

Many people confuse management and leadership. Even if they know the difference, they might focus only on one of the two, micromanage, lay off completely, or simply react to situations that occur. The result is a team of people that acts either more like a set of individuals, or waits around for the ‘boss’ to tell them what to do. Is that what you are experiencing, or do you have team leaders who have supervised a team like this? In this talk, you’ll:
  • Use a simple “yes/no” checklist to self-analyze against 10 leadership and management “must haves”.
  • Using the checklist, we’ll discuss what it will take to get you to a “yes” on any of the “no” items.

Solve Issues Once and For All

Are the same 136 issues coming up again and again? What if you could solve even the tactical issues that arise day after day… strategically? Better yet, what if you could get your life back - 10 minutes at a time - every time you solve an issue? Learn the tools of “IDS”, how to truly identify, discuss and solve issues, so that those issues never come back again.

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