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Culture Index Executive Advisors Kim Watson, PhD, PMP and Mike Strati, CLF provide a powerful partnership of Vision and Execution in helping leaders increase ROI on every 'people' decision they make. Armed with robust and accurate data, they teach visionary leaders to galvanize that data towards intentional strategies for building, empowering, and retaining great teams -- so everyone wins.

Kim has worked with visionary leaders and exceptional performers such as J.J. Abrams, Lori Grenier, Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton, and even Barbie. Yes, the doll. Armed with more than 30 years’ experience in corporate America, bolstered by a PhD in Performance Psychology, Kim brings a unique entrepreneurial mindset to top performers who want to improve their own game and their team's. Kim's personal values translate into powerful coaching: 1) There are no mistakes in the way anyone is made, and 2) Leaders' top two critical responsibilities are to develop others leaders, and to create an environment where their team can thrive.

Mike was a Culture Index user himself for over 10 years. That experience provides a unique perspective as he consults leaders who have a passion for profit, people and purpose. With his mission statement of "helping people reach their full potential, beyond their expectations'', Mike specializes in helping CEOs create clarity and efficiency in the activation of talent, leading to increased speed and fewer obstacles while attaining and exceeding growth goals.

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