Upcoming Events

Fitness To Go with Athletics United

3 October 2020
Venue: Athletics United
Location: Riverside, California, United States of America


EO Arizona Board Meeting

7 October 2020
Venue: TBD
Location: United States of America

EOAZ Learning | The B2H Evolution

8 October 2020
Venue: Arizona Country Club
Location: Phoenix , Arizona, United States of America

Hilary Corna presents The B2H Evolution 

Develop Unwavering Focus with Dandapani

15 October 2020
Venue: Virtual
Location: California, United States of America

Want to live a life of sustainable unwavering focus?

Join us as we welcome Dandapani, Hindu Priest, Entrepreneur and former Monk.

This workshop will cover the topics of understanding the mind, learning and developing concentration and willpower followed by learning how to manage our energy. This is based on the premise that we have a finite amount of energy thus we should wisely reallocate and reinvest energy into people and things that truly matter to us plus learn how to deal with energy vampires be they people or things.

Moderator Training - EO Seattle

20 October 2020
Venue: Virtual Zoom
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States of America

20/21 Virtual Moderator Training

All incoming Moderators are invited to attend this training.

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