EO Member Spotlight

EO Member Spotlight
Juan Di Nucci


Member Since: 18 April 2013

Juan Francisco Di Nucci is a Tech entrepreneur who began riding this rollercoaster adventure at the age of 14 when he realized his passion was making things happen. He is now managing partner of Tomorrow Builders, a Latin American group of entrepreneurs passionate about building and accelerating new digital companies. During these last 11 years Juan co-founded and invested in several tech sector companies and it is continuously looking for strong and passionate teams with a MVP tested in real world market to work with. Tomorrow Digital companies manage actually a +100 person team with offices in Buenos Aires, Guatemala, Tegucigalpa, Santiago and Managua. He truly believes that the key elements of startup success formula are Integrity, Talent, Tenacy and Teamwork. In addition to his experience in the entrepreneur and tech sector Juan has been active collaborator in different associations. • Vice President of the Direct and Interactive Marketing Association Argentina, AMDIA • Executive Board at the Argentinean Chamber of Electronic Commerce, CACE • Founding member of the Argentina Mobile Association, AMA • Entrepreneurs Organization argentine champions, EO Juan has given keynote and general session presentations at more than 100 events. In 2013 he was named as one of the 30 high impact entrepreneur in their 30´s in Argentina. He it´s a great fan of Food and Sports and has a degree in both. He is a graduated International Chef and Physical Instructor. He also has a Bachelor´s degree in Marketing.

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