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​How we engage with our partners

Regional and Global Partners: Companies that provide significant value to EO member through sponsorship support or in-kind value such as discounts, upgrades and special access.

Alliances: Organizations, such as non-profits or NGOs, that align with EO's mission to help entrepreneurs learn and grow through shared resources.

Chapter Partners: Companies that engage EO members on a local level, providing value through sponsorship support or in-kind value.

Event Partners: Companies or organizations that provide sponsorship support to EO in return for branding and business-development opportunities.


Our Current Partners and Alliances
  • BMI Companies  
  • British Airways  
  • FedEx  
  • Franklin Covey  
  • Grand and Toy  
  • Growth Institute  
  • Hotel Storm  
  • HubSpot  
  • INC  
  • INC  
  • Microsoft  
  • Office Depot  
  • Samepage  
  • Sixt  
  • Tablet Hotels  
  • UPS  
  • UPS  
  • Ashoka
  • Endeavor
  • g20yeo
  • zoom

Our company takes advantage of most all of the EO partner offerings. I don't know about you, but we love saving money on the things we use every day: office supplies, shipping, car rentals, etc. The EO partners make that happen. Any EOer that's not signed up is leaving money on the table.

​Steve Satterwhite
EO Houston member

I was about to rent a car while traveling to South Florida and I noticed on Expedia that Sixt Rent A Car was an option. Being the loyalist to EO I booked it via the EO website (Sixt is a sponsor of EO) and literally saved $300 on a rental of a car. That's 10% of my EO dues! Although Sixt only has a few US locations, they have a ton in Europe and Hertz is also a sponsor. Are you making the most of your membership?

​Lee Prosenjak
EO Colorado member

The partnership that we enjoy with the EO has provided many benefits to Office Depot, especially in the area of growing our small- to mid-size base of business.

Hugh McKean
Office Depot​​​​​​​​


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