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Masterclass with Africa’s top Machine Learning Expert

17 March 2020
Venue: Two O' Six
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The technology underlying AI is the field of machine learning, which lies at the intersection of computer science and statistics, and is concerned with the question of how computers can learn to improve their own performance over time, by being exposed to an increasing amount of data.

This stands in stark contrast to former generations of software, which relied on humans to programme every fine detail of how they should operate. Several breakthroughs in this field in recent years have led to a plethora of exciting applications, including real-time translation between languages, automatic captioning and tagging of images, diagnosing cancers from medical tests, and autonomous driving.

Joint Chapter Retreat (Family Event)

10-13 April 2020
Venue: Melia Hotel
Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Join us for EO Multi Chapter Retreat 2019/2020 in Zanzibar 10-13 April, 2020. The Retreat is a multi-day learning event designed by members for members to learn and grow in all aspects of life through peer interaction, world renowned speakers and once in a lifetime activities!

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