Townsend Wardlaw & Luisa Molano, Path to Purpose, LLC

Path to Purpose, LLC serves founders of growth-focused organizations with between $2-10MM in top-line revenue to create and implement simple and practical systems for hiring and onboarding that attracts, engages, and retains the talent needed to fuel organizational growth. Hiring is often a double-edged sword because it means you’re growing but it’s also often a pain in the **, a huge distraction, and half the time you’re not sure you’re very good at it. We help remove the pain and insert the purpose so that you and your teams can focus on growth, momentum, and revenue.

Path to Purpose also serves passionate and driven purple unicorns. These women want to make a big impact in the world but are too often stuck in the trap of needing to look and act like other ambitious women thus limiting their impact. I partner with them in a 1:1 capacity and together we unleash their magic so they can have the impact and income they most desire.

I am a certified professional coach, author, spiritual guide, and speaker aflame with the spirit of exploration. I am also the former Director of Human Resources for an $18B corporation and a lifelong over-thinker. I ran as fast as I could on the hamster wheel of success and eventually realized no amount of running would get me the inner success I wanted.

So in 2017 I took the leap and started my own practice and now guide teams to find purple squirrels and help purple unicorns step into their power.

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