Michael Synk, Strategy/Execution Advisor

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Michael Synk, founder of In-Synk, has been teaching, facilitating, and coaching Verne Harnish's Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up  for almost 15 years.  Synk is one of the original sixteen coaches certified by GI Coaches, and the fourth longest tenured coach with Gazelles, Inc. 

In-Synk has three ways to help you unleash the growth from you company.  
Business Tune-Ups--Short term coaching that delivers high impact
Gazelles Certified Scaling Up Coaching
Clarity Coaching--One-on-one mentoring for CEOs creating business growth

"I was talking to my one of my partners the other day, and asked him if he knew why why we are $1 Mil ahead of the same point last year. Two words. When he couldn't answer I told him. Michael Synk" --Marc Taillon, Corrective Asphalt Management, EO member

"Infoplus is a better company today having enlisted the help of Michael and In-Synk. We brought Michael in to review our business development process and help us re-confirm out brand message and promise. After spending a day on-site with us, Michael was able to guide us through the process of developing a message and process that has taken our business development to even greater heights. His continued guidance and on-going communications are an asset as we consider Michael an extension of our team here at Infoplus. I have nothing but high praise for Michael and In-Synk." --James Maes, Infoplus, EO Member.  

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