Michael Synk, Strategy/Execution Coach

Phone: 901-488-8172





“Opportunities for growth already exist at almost every company I work with.  Sometimes the opportunities are obvious, but more often they are not.  But in every case, there are obstacles in place that prevent teams from acting on their opportunities.

The coaching practices I employ help companies identify their best opportunities for growth and then eliminate the roadblocks.  I don’t force growth, I unleash it.”
After enjoying a career as successful businessperson over a twenty-year period, Synk has spent the last decade and a half as a business educator and strategy /execution coach. 

He is one of the original sixteen coaches certified by Gazelles International to teach and facilitate the highly successful "Four Decisions/One Page Strategy Plan/Rockefeller Habits"  curriculum, which brings together high level, case-study-based content from internationally recognized experts.

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