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Has your accountant offered to design internal control procedures to protect you against fraud, assist you with the challenges of succession planning, or review your shareholder agreement to make sure it meets your goals? We're offering.

How about assistance complying with the changing regulations involving the data you deal with? Can your accountant identify the privacy standards you need to follow, assess your current systems and help design procedures for compliance?

We can help.

Would it surprise you if your accountant asked to meet with you early in the year to provide tax planning services that might minimize your tax, in addition to reviewing your documents at year-end and calculating how much you owe? Let us surprise you.

Will your accountant ask the questions you haven't even thought to ask yourself -- like whether you've explored all the special state tax benefits available for your company? How can we help you? Entrepreneurial businesses count on Kaufman, Rossin & Company to help them seize opportunities, conquer challenges and solve problems. Our services help our clients save on taxes, meet compliance requirements, improve efficiency and enhance profit. And our service menu is always growing, as we identify new ways to help your business succeed.


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