Construction Market May Be Slow – But Not for DECO TRUSS

MIAMI, FL (November 28, 2006) – Deco Truss’ investment in a new $250,000 lumber saw means only one thing: Growth. By focusing on complex commercial custom home projects, Deco Truss has carved out a very successful niche. Deco Truss continues to increase its share in the market place while others, most of whom focus on multi-family home projects, are seeing a decrease.

“Custom homes require special attention and care,” said Deco Truss Vice President Mario R. Espineira Jr., whose family founded the company in 1983. “Many of our competitors direct their efforts at maximizing the quantity of projects; at Deco Truss we maximize the quality of each and every project. This has given Deco Truss a reputation throughout the custom home and commercial industry that has allowed us to stay busy throughout the year.”

Large sophisticated projects require top of the line equipment, and Deco Truss feels that their recent purchase of a new state of the art lumber saw will further boost profits. “By investing in new technology, Deco Truss can continue to offer quality craftsmanship while keeping up with increased sales,” says Mario R. Espineira Jr. “This new technology also allows us to continue providing clients with pre-manufactured truss systems that cost less to install than those of our competitors.” For Deco Truss, there is no looking back. Espineira adds, “We have committed ourselves to the high end market and we are confident that our investment in the newest machinery will make our clients even happier.”     

As Deco Truss continues to expand, so does their product line, which currently offers exotic hardwoods, decking, plywood, lumber and building materials including power tools, custom cut and bent rebar, road mesh, tapcons, as well as specialty doors, molding, hardware and accessories. “Customers who once came to us only for our quality trusses now rely on us for all building supplies and materials. Deco Truss has become the one stop shop homebuilders can count on,” said Mario R. Espineira, Jr.

Even as new home construction slows throughout Florida, Deco Truss stands strong. “Deco Truss believes in giving our customers the best possible products and services,” said Mario R. Espineira, Jr. “It’s a simple formula, but it’s been working well for us for over 23 years.”  

About Deco Truss
Deco Truss is a locally owned supplier of building materials and trusses. Adhering to strict quality control guidelines and guaranteeing their products, Deco Truss has been serving South Florida, the Florida Keys, Florida’s West Coast, and areas of the Caribbean since 1983. For more information on Deco Truss please call 305-257-1910

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