The Entrepreneurs’ Organization Announces Partnership with EntrepreneurWiki to Expand Wikipedia-like Directory for Entrepreneurs

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA (23 April 2014) – The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) announced a strategic partnership with EntrepreneurWiki, a South Florida-based online directory for entrepreneurs, to feature personal profiles for nearly 10,000 EO global members on The announcement comes at the backdrop of Nerve 2014, an annual regional conference in Philadelphia, PA, that will feature renowned entrepreneurs and activities based around the theme, "The Original Entrepreneur."

EntrepreneurWiki, the most comprehensive online wiki for entrepreneurs, features personal stories, inspirational books, quotes, and mentors for some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs. A listing on EntrepreneurWiki will provide EO members with a highly visible place to share their legacies with a global community of aspiring entrepreneurs.

According to Brian Costanzo, EO’s SVP of Business Development, this is a tremendous benefit for the EO-EntrepreneurWiki partnership. "For many of our members, their EntrepreneurWiki profile is now the number one ranking result when you do a Google search of their name. Having their personal entrepreneur profiles show up right at the top--for anyone who searches for them--is a big part of the value that this partnership offers to EO members."

EntrepreneurWiki co-founder, Colin Campbell, who is also an EO member, spoke about the about the partnership. "We believe there is a wealth of knowledge out there--about how to start and build a company on your own--in the stories and experiences of other entrepreneurs. This partnership is exciting because it's an opportunity to capture and share more of that valuable knowledge, via EO member profiles, with the rest of the world."

Built on the same platform as Wikipedia, EntrepreneurWiki was designed for collaboration, and anyone can contribute to, and edit, the information on the Web site. But, because the entries are subject to such "peer review," wiki content tends to be highly credible, and as a result, EntrepreneurWiki profiles often occupy top ranking results in Google searches for the featured entrepreneurs' names.
EntrepreneurWiki content, including community-contributed information, is overseen by editor-in-chief MK Tantum and her team. As an open wiki platform, anyone can add an entry for an entrepreneur, however,

EntrepreneurWiki staff also offers interview and writing services for qualified entrepreneurs who would like to be added to the site but prefer not to create their own listing. As part of the partnership with EO, this service will be offered to all EO members. Interested entrepreneurs can contact EntrepreneurWiki directly.

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About EntrepreneurWiki:

The "Wikipedia for Entrepreneurs," EntrepreneurWiki ( is the most comprehensive online wiki focused solely on information and experiences from the world's most successful entrepreneurs. Founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs Colin Campbell and Jeffrey Sass, EntrepreneurWiki is an open, collaborative encyclopedia, where aspiring and successful entrepreneurs can share knowledge, experience and information to inspire and promote entrepreneurship within the global community. For more information contact: MK Tantum, Principal [email protected] 646.717.4136

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