Entrepreneur​s’ Organization Selected by US State Department for Global Entrepreneurship Initiative

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Entrepreneurs’ Organization Selected for President Obama’s New Initiative
Entrepreneurs’ Organization partners with Business for Diplomatic Action to
work on U.S. State department global entrepreneurial outreach initiative

Announced by President Obama in May 2010 at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in May, this groundbreaking US State Department program is designed as a professional exchange experience for 30 leading entrepreneurs from 30 different countries. These delegates will engage in a three-week program of educational experiences, peer-to-peer sharing, cultural engagement, mentoring and long-term relationship-building with each other and with leading American entrepreneurs, business executives, government officials and leaders from civil society.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a global network of leading entrepreneurs and an integral part of this new initiative, as its established business learning curriculum provides the framework for the entrepreneurship education the program participants will receive. While in the US, program participants will also connect with Entrepreneurs’ Organization chapters in each city they visit to take part in peer-to-peer learning and sharing.

 “Our organization is excited to lend our entrepreneurial expertise and knowledge to help this valuable initiative move forward and achieve success,” said Kevin Langley, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Board Liaison to Emerging Programs and its Chairman for 2011-2012.

The program connects participants with American entrepreneurs abroad. US embassies in 30 countries have selected high-growth, high-potential entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses and creating new employment opportunities in their communities. Selected delegates have all demonstrated high levels of interest in creativity and innovation. They are forward-thinking, open to new ideas and keenly interested in establishing and expanding business relationships with colleagues and peers in the United States.

More information about the program:

This collaboration also examines strategies used in the United States to enhance the capacities of young business managers; to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship and small business enterprise; and to strengthen societies through the pursuit of social entrepreneurship.

“The US State Department recognizes the important role that members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization continue to play in creating more than one million jobs, developing global economic opportunities and improving the quality of life in 42 countries,” said Matt Stewart, Global Chairman of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

This program was launched in partnership with Business for Diplomatic Action (BDA), a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to enlist the U.S. business community in actions to improve the standing of America in the world, with the goal of once again seeing America admired as a global leader and respected as a courier of progress and prosperity for all people.  BDA’s activities were discontinued as of December 31, 2010, however members of the BDA team and its Board will continue to support this important initiative.

A New Beginning is a four year program, continuing through 2013.  For more information or to get involved, contact Adrienne Cornelsen, EO Global Communications Committee, at [email protected].​

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