Despite Continued Economic Uncertainty, Entrepreneurial Firms Continue to Grow

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Over half of entrepreneurs surveyed reported having created full-time jobs in the past six months, and nearly three-quarters expect to create full-time jobs in the coming six months

Alexandria, Virginia (10 April 2014) - The survey, conducted by Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), released the latest findings from its Global Entrepreneur Indicator, a twice-yearly survey of business owners from around the world. Results from more than 5,500 entrepreneurs worldwide, whose businesses average US$59.7 million in annual revenue and 232 employees, concludes the following:

  • 55% of the EO entrepreneurs have added full-time jobs in the past six months.
  • In the coming six months, 67% of entrepreneurs are expecting to create full-time jobs.
  • 81% of entrepreneurs expect profit margins to increase over the next six months, while 84% expressed willingness to start a new business.
  • Only 11% of entrepreneurial firms have cut jobs over the last reporting period.
  • 90% of entrepreneurs in South Asia and the United States reported either having created full-time jobs or experienced no change in their workforce.
  • The US (72%) leads all regional job growth projections in the coming six months, followed by Europe/Middle East (70%), Canada (65%), Asia Pacific (62%), South Asia (61%) and Latin America/Caribbean (56%).
  • 61% of business owners worldwide reported increased profit margins in the last six months. Over the same period, the US has reported the strongest profits (63%), followed by Europe/Middle East (62%), Latin America/Caribbean (61%) and Canada (61%). South Asia and Asia Pacific are lagging behind at 57% and 56%, respectively.
  • Latin America/Caribbean (37%), South Asia (36%) and Canada (35%) report the greatest access to capital. Globally, 33% of entrepreneurs reported favorable environment for accessing capital.

To learn more about the Global Entrepreneur Indicator, visit: www.entrepreneurindicator.com.

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