Entrepreneurs Betting on Economic Recovery

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31 January 2013 – It appears entrepreneurs have overcome recent challenges in the economy. New research has found that entrepreneurs are more optimistic about the state of their business than they were at this time last year.

A big reason for that optimism is that more entrepreneurs expect the economy to improve or stay the same in the coming months. Overall, 35 percent expect the economy to get better and 38 percent expect things to stay the same. However, just 27 percent of entrepreneurs expect things to deteriorate over the next year.

Not only do entrepreneurs expect to see improvement or at least stability in the economy going forward, but they also have been steadily adding jobs in recent years. Sixty–two percent of entrepreneurs expect to create jobs in the next six months, while 12 percent of entrepreneurs say they expect to decrease their work force. Thirty-two percent of respondents say they expect employment to hold steady.

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