Ted Sarvata

Ted Sarvata (503) 877-9214

Email: ted@tedsarvata.com

Website: http://tedsarvata.com/

I free up entrepreneurs for maximum impact. Starting from your vision, I help you and your executive team create and refine your strategy and develop execution practices that turn that vision into reality and impact. I’ve been certified in the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up since 2010 and work with all EO-size businesses to take you to the next level.


“Thanks for an amazing day today. Your honesty, care, smarts and tenacity are pushing me and this company to a new level. This next quarter is going to be one for the history books. More than anything, I want to make it a priority to enjoy it and take time to enjoy working with such a terrific group. Thank you!!”

-          Kim Malek, Owner and Founder, Salt & Straw

“We have the strongest team in our company’s history but the growth of our firm was creating too many meetings and repeated tasks. Ted saw right through those and helped us implement more effective team meetings and stronger accountability among employees. This allowed the executive team to spend less time managing staff and more time with clients.”

-          Su Midghall, President, DHM Research

- Effective Meetings
- Measuring & Improving Impact
- One-page plan
- Prioritization
- Purpose that makes a difference
- Rockefeller Habits
- Talent Assessment
- Vision/Painted Picture
- What is an effective company rock?


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