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Rob Garibay founded Clarity Pro, a business coaching firm that advises mid-market CEOs and leadership teams on the best practices to scale up their companies. He helps CEOs create and lead highly engaged teams, create market dominating strategies, execute for optimal profitability, and accumulate cash to fund growth.

In 1984, Rob co-founded Advanced Material Process Corporation, located in Michigan. He helped lead the organization, scaling from 17 to 90 employees in 18 months, and averaging 20%/annum growth over 15 years before selling the company.

He has helped over 100 business owners across the United States. They have won over 90 prestigious awards, including Metro 50 and INC 5000 awards, numerous Business Excellence awards and multiple national & international Stevie Awards.

Rob is a Gazelles International business coach and has been ranked in the top three business coaches in the US through ActionCOACH.

Rob Garibay
Business Growth Expert and Coach
(405) 684-1021 direct    

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