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Different is Better

4 October 2017
Venue: 8th Street Market
Location: Oklahoma City, United States of America

With amusing stories of customer experience and business illustrations, Mike Michalowicz will show you how to make your business the niche leader, instantly! The method to make any business an industry authority.
Members, Strategic Partners, and Spouses Event

Profit First Presentation and Workshop

5 October 2017
Venue: 8th Street Market
Location: Oklahoma City , United States of America

Profit First-How To Make Any Business Highly Profitable, By The Very Next Deposit

The profit formula is simple: Sales – Expense = Profit. The only problem is, it’s a lie. In his wildly popular presentation, Mike shows why the formula entrepreneurs use to calculate profit actually inhibits it. Mike then shares a new approach to profit – taking it first – that instantly changes everything. With this simple yet profound change, any business, will become instantly and permanently profitable

Members, Business Partners, CFO’s and Strategic Partners Event

October Board Meeting

17 October 2017
Venue: Funds for Learning

Chapter Leader Board Meeting

Breakfast with the CEO - Lopez Foods

16 November 2017
Venue: Lopez Foods

Lopez Foods originated as a spinoff of Wilson Foods, a major force in the meat packing industry until the 1980s. Originally known as Anderson Meats, a Wilson Foods subsidiary, Lopez Foods started producing fresh, frozen beef patties for McDonald’s in 1968. Anderson Meats was sold to its management team and reformed briefly under the name Normac Foods. In 1992, controlling interest of the company was purchased by John C. Lopez, a successful McDonald’s owner/operator in Southern California. Lopez rebranded the company Lopez Foods in 1995 to reflect its diverse heritage. Building upon its rich food manufacturing experience, Lopez Foods is now recognized among the top meat companies in the United States and is an industry leader in supplying a variety of protein products to the largest restaurant chains and retailers in the world.

November Board Meeting

21 November 2017
Venue: Funds for Leanring

Chapter Leader Board Meeting

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