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EO Okanagan Presents: Grow your Sales with John Glennon

17 October 2018
Venue: Kelowna Yacht Club
Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Business professionals need a system that maps out a productive path for consistently meeting sales targets.

Are your sales being guided to success or taking a meandering route to mediocrity?

On October 17th, explore a systematic approach to your business that consistently creates successful performance.


  • The Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques required for being a Sales Driven Organization.

  • The Strategies and tactics required to make the shift to being Sales Driven.

  • Why hiring the right people matters most and the impact and cost of having the wrong people in the Sales Driven Organization.

  • The discipline and structure required to be a Sales Driven Organization and the importance of alignment.

  • Improving Your BAT-ting Average: Success is combination and culmination of Behavior, Attitudes and Technique. You and your team will learn that some existing beliefs are sabotaging their sales efforts and the relationship between their beliefs, judgments, actions and outcomes. They will then identify the behaviors required to achieve the outcomes and the techniques necessary to properly execute the behaviors.

  • Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone: Many owners and salespeople hit a plateau in their sales results for no apparent reason, and stall at that level. Your sales team will learn what a comfort zone is and how to define their current comfort zone. They will determine what is confining them to that zone and define where they would like to be. Next, your team will create a plan to break through their comfort zone and track their progress to make sure they continue to grow.

The Operating Manual for Your Life with MARGIE SCHAMUHN

14 November 2018
Venue: Kelowna Yacht Club
Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Computers, cars and airplanes come with operating manuals ... so why don't humans?

LifePilot gives you the chance to create an operations manual for your life – one based on your personal and fundamental values with action steps to achieve an effective, balanced, and fulfilled life.

When your values are clear, your decisions are easier.

What do you want out of life? Are you on the right path and does it match your vision and values? With no operating manual to guide you through the challenges of life, it’s not surprising so many of us wind up feeling off-balance, unfulfilled or just plain lost. We rush from one task to another. We reach for success, only to achieve it and discover it isn’t as satisfying as we hoped it would be. And it seems there’s never enough time for all the things that really matter to us.

By attending a LifePilot workshop you will develop your own LifeManual workbook that you can utilize in your daily lives. Candid dialogue, thought provoking interaction and exercises, inspiring stories, rewarding personal reflection, the LifePilot program, utilizing the LifeManual workbook compliments conventional education, offering participants of all ages a tried and true experience for personal focus, direction, and commitment. The simple yet tangible tools are applicable at any transitional stage in life or career and are critically important for maximizing one’s personal potential.

LifePilot provides a self-directed process that empowers people to live in alignment with their values.

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