EO Asks: What social media tool do you rely on most in business?

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“I rely heavily on Facebook because
it allows me to easily communicate
with m​y customers and know
what’s happening not only in their
businesses, but in their personal
lives. I enjoy showing them I’m
interested in who they are, not just what they provide to my business.”

-Page Thornton (EO Bryan – College Station) Founder of Aggieland Title Company

“We use a variety of platforms, but primarily LinkedIn and our company blog. I was skeptical about the value of blogging, but I regularly hear customers, potential employees and vendors mention things we post, which helps a lot.”

-Dan Lansman (EO South Florida) Founder of BMI Elite

“Instagram— it’s the best visual experience in social media. The platform helps promote the brands we carry, and it is widely used in our region. The great thing
about Instagram is that it converts our posts into sales. We’re advertising on the platform and key influencers are starting to show our products, which is definitely a plus!”

-Rohini Gehani (EO U.A.E.) Founder of Rivaage

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