Energy and the Entrepreneur

Article by:
Shawn Phillips, EO Colorado
Shawn Phillips
EO Colorado

As a business owner, there are very few things more precious than time. The entrepreneurial mindset dictates that we get up early, run late, rush here and race there— anything we can do to get more done in less time. Unfortunately, that means we spend less time focusing on ourselves and the seemingly “little things” that keep us energized, vibrant and going strong, such as exercise, eating right and a good night’s rest.

We long for more hours in the day, but the reality is we all get the same 24. That can’t be changed, but you can do something about it: Create more productive, results-producing hours. I’m talking about the sort of focused time that makes one hour more productive than most entire days. What may seem like a “time crunch” is the result of low, poorly managed energy. It is energy that powers your vital focus and keeps you on task and going strong. Thus, the key to higher output is mastering that energy. When you master your energy, you’ll find yourself enjoying more free time than you’ll know what to do with.

As a world-respected veteran in the fitness and nutrition industry, I was shocked to find myself in the “time crunch” trap recently. Believing I was strong and fit enough to break the rules, I pushed beyond the limits of the human body to meet a deadline for my latest book. The more fatigued I became, the harder I pushed. I exercised less, slept less and ate worse. I was working harder and harder for less and less results.

Finally, I took my own advice and opted for recovery. I rebooted my body and mind, and I was back on track. How did I do this? I followed the Seven Tenets of Energy Mastery. By applying these tenants, I was able to stop racing for results and start cultivating the energy that creates more time every day.

The Seven Tenets of Energy Mastery:

  • Eat Early, Eat Often
    Start every day strong with a nutritious breakfast. It is the most important thing you’ll do every day. Afterward, eat small meals throughout the day to keep your energy going strong.

  • Take No Bull
    Avoid the sugar-loaded, caffeine-infused “energy” drinks. They pick you up and drop you flat. For moderate caffeine, go with green tea or quality coffee.

  • Use it or Lose It
    Unlike fossil fuels, your energy is self-sustaining and renewable. The more energy you burn exercising, the more you create. If you stop moving, so does your energy.

  • H2O for True Energy
    Cool, fresh water is vital fuel for energy; keep it flowing from morning to night.

  • Protein is Job #1
    Start each balanced meal with protein. It will slow the release of carbohydrates and support steady energy for hours.

  • Turn Off to Turn On
    Turn your day into a series of sprints, rather than a long, slow jog. Go full out and then take seven minutes to recover every hour. When you set “off” time, you can stay “on” much longer.

  • Get Intimate
    Keep a food-and-energy journal for seven days to learn what foods are elevating your energy and which are bringing you down. The wisdom gained in these seven days will serve for a lifetime.

Today, I keep these seven simple rules posted on the wall near my desk. On occasion, I need to be reminded that energy is the real currency of life, not time. We all get the same 24 hours in a day; what separates the “good” from the “great” is what you do with those hours. After all, life rewards results, not time and effort. These tenants have helped me harness a stream of vibrant energy to do more, be more and have more in life and business.

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