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Ever try to write an anthem? That was the question the 25th Anniversary Committee tackled coming out of a strategic-planning session in late 2011. It started with one of those ideas that sound too crazy to ever take off: What if EO had a song? An anthem that everyone could use at 25th Anniversary events around the world to celebrate our success? It would have to be something catchy, too, so that everyone would want to share it. How would we accomplish that?

The Global Communications Committee (GCC) and EO staff went to work. They started by calling in some favors. Before they knew it, sheets of lyrics flew back and forth between EO Dallas’ Adrienne Cornelsen and EO New York’s Matt Weiss. Even Tim Young, EO’s Vice President of Marketing and Technology, called his brother—a recording engineer— and some old musician friends to help start the process. When it was finally time to “put EO to music” in the recording studio, EO New York members Josh Aaron, Sarah Endline, Carissa Reiniger, Richard Humphrey and Gary Tuerack showed up to lend their vocal talents. The end result? EO’s first-ever song!

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