Upcoming Events

EONY Accelerator Class: People Day

21 February 2019
Venue: Emerge 212,1185 Avenue of the Americas b/t 46 & 47 Sts.
Location: United States of America

People Day. Full-day quarterly class for all Accelerator Participants. EO Members are welcome to attend.

EO WNY Curling/Learning Event

23 February 2019
Venue: Buffalo Curling Club
Location: Buffalo, United States of America

Join EO WNY in this multi-chapter learning event as we hear from John Shuster, captain of the US 2018 men's Olympics curling team. Their story conforms to every slobs-vs.-snobs cinematic underdog narrative you’ve ever seen. The unheralded group of USA Curling castoffs, led by skip John Shuster, had to struggle against long odds to even make it to the Olympics. In Pyeongchang, they dispatched one heralded team after another en route to Olympic gold. They were the Bad News Bears with brooms.


John will share his amazingly unique story of perseverance at an amazing WNY Learning Event. After John’s presentation, he will coach, teach and drink with us the rest of the night.

Accelerator Board Meeting_2/25

25 February 2019
Venue: TBA
Location: United States of America

EOA Board Chair attendance required
EOA participants are welcome to attend

EONY: Eric Maddox: Capturing Sadam Hussein - NEW DATE!

25 February 2019
Venue: TBA
Location: United States of America

Eric Maddox is coming to EONY to share important lessons on empathy based listening that led to his role in the capture of Saddam Hussein.

MasterClass: Building and Developing Your Team for Success

27 February 2019
Venue: TBA
Location: United States of America

In this session, you will identify the 4 stages of building and developing a team, learn how to be an effective coach with courage, understand how leadership and coaching works together, learn how to build a competitive advantage through a high-performing team, and how to manage the line between manager and team.

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