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Virtual Employees At Your Service

Noon Dalton is headquartered in Miami, FL with operations in the Philippines and India. We specialize in providing college-educated, skilled virtual employees (VEs) to businesses throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. The founders have taken over 10 years of outsourcing experience with Deloitte Consulting to enable Noon Dalton to offer the highest level of work quality which was previously only offered to Fortune 500 companies.

Top Three Services Offered:

  1. 1. Back Office / Admin Support
  2. 2. Lead Generation / Marketing Database Creation
  3. 3. Telemarketing / Appointment Setting
EO Benefits:
Having sponsored four EO Chapters, we have advised hundreds of EO members on how to use virtual assistants to improve efficiencies and decrease expenses.

The benefits we offer EO members include:
  • > Strategy session with Senior Partner
  • > One-week no-obligation trial

  • Unique Features:
  • - Local Time Zone: We work when you work
- Dedicated Staff: Your employee is only working for your

- Guaranteed Reliability: Backups for your main staff is provided

- Control: You dictate when and how you want your work done

- Confidentiality Guaranteed: Non-Disclosure Agreements are available

- All college-educated employees

- Process Documents are created for the task

Most Common Services:

> Admin / Back Office Support

> Telemarketing / Appointment Setting

> Basic Bookkeeping

> E-Commerce Management

> Customer Support Services

> CRM Management

> Lead Generation / Web Scrapping

> Data Conversion

> Recruiting Candidate Sourcing (RPO)

> Website Admin & Updates

> Online Marketing / Research Marketing

> Social Media Management

17,000+ Members

213 Chapters

60+ Countries

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