Code Blue (proudly flying a BevNET”s Best of 2009, natch!)

BevCo’s Battle at Google Vendor Fest

Several entrepreneurial beverage companies recently appeared at the “Googleplex” — the Mountain View, Calif. home base of the omnipresent search engine  — in an attempt to grab the taste buds of some of the most pampered employees on the planet, the Google, Inc. work force.

Confirmed attendees were Function, Hint and Code Blue (proudly flying a BevNET”s Best of 2009, natch!); Vita Coco is already in many Google locations, according to founder Michael Kirban, as is competitor O.N.E.

And who wouldn’t want to be? With Google’s massive workforce and its vaunted free, high-end food service program, many cutting edge food and beverage companies consider acceptance on the Google campus to be the CPG equivalent of an admissions letter to Stanford: Hint’s Kara Goldin even rolled out barrels of the new Hint Fizz for the show, while Function, in an attempt to top last year’s “Steve Jobs Dunk Tank” produced the ultimate programmer fantasy car, KITT, from the TV show Knight Rider.

“Google became the biggest brand in the world through innovation and having a beverage endorsed by the thought leaders who work there is an incredible place to build a brand through viral marketing and social media,” said Jeff Frumin, one of the co-founders of Code Blue.

Indeed, some employees have been known to blog what they eat and drink on campus daily, although it comes at a price — there are apocryphal tales of the “Google 15.”

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