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EOA WORKSHOP: "Is there ROI in culture?"

10 March 2020
Venue: Tinuti Headquarters
Location: United States of America

Join us in this exclusive EOA Workshop where Ben will share his secrets on how he built and implemented an award-winning culture without breaking the bank! Ben Kirshner was the founder and CEO of Elite SEM Inc. which was a digital marketing agency that grew an avg of 50% a year for 9 straight years before Ben sold it to a Private Equity firm.

EONY 3rd Annual Young Entrepreneurs Summit (Y.E.S.)

15 March 2020
Venue: Blue School, 241 Water St, New York, NY 10038
Location: United States of America

Part B-School. Part Street Smart. Part Mentorship. Part Think Tank. And All Amazing!
Bring your young entrepreneurs (ages 8-17) for a family day of entrepreneurial learning and fun.
Hear from young entrepreneurs who have succeeded, and from seasoned experts who can help your budding entrepreneur achieve their dream. This is a one-of-a-kind line-up of dynamic speakers and break-out sessions.

Registration is now open!

EONY MAIN EVENT: LoveSTUCK? How to Turn Up the Heat

16 March 2020
Venue: TBA - Manhattan Location
Location: United States of America

If you are TRULY done playing blind man’s bluff when it comes to love, join us for a hot and heated presentation on love, dating, and relationships with Laurie Gerber, Head Coach at Handel Group.

Join us if you're single and looking, or in a relationship and are looking to improve.

NY Accelerator Board Meeting - 3/17

17 March 2020
Venue: Romano Law- 55 Broad Street, 18th Fl.
Location: United States of America

EOA Board Chair attendance required. EOA participants are welcome to attend.

EOA MASTERCLASS: Selling Your Business

17 March 2020
Venue: Romano Law, 55 Broad St 18th Floor
Location: United States of America

What you need to do NOW if you ever want to sell your business
In this interactive workshop we will be discussing the following topics: - Are you ready to sell? - What is the best time to sell? - What factors drive valuation? - What is the process? - How are businesses valued? - Who are the buyers?

NY Accelerator Participants Only

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