Upcoming Events

Mid Year Strategy Summit/Board Meeting

21 February 2019
Venue: Camelback Lodge
Location: Tannersville, United States of America

Mid Year Strategy Summit

EONJ Skis & Snow Tubes Camelback

21 February 2019
Venue: Camelback Ski Resort
Location: Tannersville, United States of America

Join us for a family fun afternoon and evening Skiing or Snow Tubing at Camelback Resort in the Poconos!

EO WNY Curling/Learning Event

23 February 2019
Venue: Buffalo Curling Club
Location: Buffalo, United States of America

Join EO WNY in this multi-chapter learning event as we hear from John Shuster, captain of the US 2018 men's Olympics curling team. Their story conforms to every slobs-vs.-snobs cinematic underdog narrative you’ve ever seen. The unheralded group of USA Curling castoffs, led by skip John Shuster, had to struggle against long odds to even make it to the Olympics. In Pyeongchang, they dispatched one heralded team after another en route to Olympic gold. They were the Bad News Bears with brooms.


John will share his amazingly unique story of perseverance at an amazing WNY Learning Event. After John’s presentation, he will coach, teach and drink with us the rest of the night.

EO Philadelphia Forum Training

26 February 2019
Venue: Wayne Hotel
Location: Wayne, United States of America

Overview: The Forum Program is designed to ensure that new members get the most value possible from their EO Forum experience from the very beginning.  

Tracking Down Saddam Hussein

27 February 2019
Venue: Eisenhower Corporate Campus Auditorium
Location: Livingston, United States of America

Eric Maddox was an integral person in helping capture Saddam Hussein...

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