Tom Turner's Pioneering Role featured in mulitple eDiscovery Outlets

Tom Turner recently unveiled an updated brand that embodies the company’s core attributes of confidence, stability and technological expertise. The new brand reflects DSi’s pioneering role in the eDiscovery industry. DFI News, eDiscovery Journal and The eDiscovery Solutions Daily published the story.  Here is the eDiscovery Journal version:


January 9, 2013

By Marilyn Gladden


New Brand Positions DSi as a Future-Forward eDiscovery Services Provider

 NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 9, 2012 — To reflect the company’s pioneering role in the eDiscovery industry, the leadership of DSi (formally Document Solutions, Inc.) has unveiled an updated brand that embodies the company’s core attributes of confidence, stability and technological expertise.

“We are constantly adapting and improving the work we do, advancing the capabilities of eDiscovery in the process. Our new visual brand reflects the advancements we’ve made in our industry,” said Tom Turner, president and cofounder of DSi. “Dropping ‘documents’ from our name better aligns our public identity with the main focus of our firm, which is on electronically stored information versus paper documents. Removing the icon of a stack of paper from the logo also makes this point.”

“Shortening our name to DSi from Document Solutions, Inc. also formalizes a change in our name that has naturally occurred since we were founded in 1999, when the eDiscovery industry was in its infancy. Today, we are primarily known as DSi. We are simply matching our name to how we are known in the industry to avoid any potential confusion and to capture the brand equity we have built as DSi, in the same way, for example, that Coca-Cola captured the brand equity of ‘Coke’,” Turner added.

DSi’s new brand includes a new logo and website that focuses on its work in eDiscovery and digital forensics. The new DSi logo – which combines ‘DSi’ with ‘covery’ ¬– is a play on the company name that focuses brand recognition around the term “discovery.”

“Our new logo reflects the professional achievements we’ve made and will continue to make in the eDiscovery industry,” said Kevin Tyner, chief financial officer and cofounder of DSi. “Our designers have done an outstanding job of immediately communicating this essential concept in the new logo. The elegant simplicity of their solution is, frankly, ingenious.

“Because our new logo does associate our company with eDiscovery in a very direct way, we realize that people who are new to DSI may think that our company’s name is ‘DSicovery’ when they see the logo out of context. Actually, that would be fine, even good, because it means they are talking about our company and not the many other companies named DSi. Distinguishing our company from these others was another reason we added “covery” to our logo. Plus, explaining the difference between our name and our logo gives us a great opportunity to tell the DSi story to people who are new to our company. We look forward to these opportunities,” Tyner added.

The look of DSi’s new logo gives the company’s brand a sturdy, professional look that is also approachable and unpretentious, even friendly.

New logo colors—dark and light blues accented with orange—differentiate DSi from a crowded marketplace, as more than half of the top 100 technology company logos use only strong blue and/or black colors in their logos. The blue foundation conveys strength, success and dependability, and the vibrant, interconnected triangles in the corner display energy, creativity and approachability.

“By combining more than one color into our logo, we are embracing and highlighting more than one specific trait that makes our company successful. Each color represents traits that are important to us,” said John Burchfield, vice president of business operations. “The combination of these colors in a triangle comprised of smaller, interconnected triangles relates to the digital nature of our business.”

“In addition to incorporating visual cues from its new logo, DSi’s new website is organized around the company’s five core business processes—DSicollect, DSintake, DSinsight, DSireview, DSisupport. The new website also provides a wealth of eDiscovery knowledge through its thought leadership blog, regularly discussing the industry’s latest trends, issues and ideas, and the ‘Industry Insight’ section that houses free, downloadable case studies and white papers.

To check out DSi’s new look and get more information about the company, visit

About DSi
Serving law firms and corporate legal departments global wide, DSi is a litigation support services company that provides a wide variety of eDiscovery and digital forensics services. Through five core business processes—DSicollect, DSintake, DSinsight, DSireview, DSisupport—DSi’s highly trained staff will help you harness today’s most forward technology to gain a competitive advantage. DSi is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. and also has offices in Knoxville, Tenn., Cincinnati, Ohio and Charlotte, N.C

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