Jeff Turner's local underground storm shelter business finds success

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A local business owner is finding success and helping keep Mid-State residents safe with underground storm shelters.

Jeff Turner is the president of National Storm Shelter and a veteran of the machinery business.

He told Nashville's News 2 he opened the business two years ago after a good friend and business associate was nearly wiped out by a tornado in Murfreesboro a few years ago.
"We've got inventory, we've got supplies. It's just been a good business, a good season for business, but more important than that, it's been a good product and a way to help people," Turner said.

Turner explained to Nashville's News 2 the underground unit can be installed in just one day and costs around $5,200.

"We see it as an investment in your home.  That's something most people don't get from what they buy today. Whether you realize this or not, you don't get anything from buying insurance on your house.  You don't get a return on that.  At least with [a storm shelter] it's a value to your house," he said.

For more information on National Storm Shelter, visit their Web site

For the report on News Channel 2, click here

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