[SPOTLIGHT] Chris Dusablon - "Thinking INSIDE the box!"

Chris Dusablon - "Thinking INSIDE the box!"

By Miccasso

Being that this is my first foray into serious high octane entrepreneurial reporting, having Chris Dusablon as a subject matter makes the transition from writing Sleazy Social columns and Beer League Sports Reviews that much easier.  Chris, the gentle giant, is the President of GoCube.  It's a great concept and simple to use from a customers stand point.  I broke it down into these " 4 " easy steps;

Assume I have junk in the house, old cribs, files from my previous business that went bankrupt, top secret formulas, my mother in laws lawn furniture, old hockey equipment that is useless and stinks however I never know when I may need it. What do I do with this treasure that I have accumulated carefully over all these years?

Step 1 - I call go cube, describe what I have, they deliver a cubicle container to my house.

Step 2 - I place my treasure in the cubicle.

Step 3 - GoCube, returns to my house or business, picks up the cube and stores it for me.

Step 4 - Chris sends you a monthly invoice to store the goods and everyone lives happily ever after.

I always love a happy ending!  In Chris's case he seems to be having a happy everything.  I found Chris to be quiet, reserved, self satisfied and thoughtful when I hit him with two dozen questions, ranging from business to personal and flat out inappropriate. He responded honestly and from the heart to all of my questions (hence this article has been censored and edited). At 41 years young, Chris has two wonderful children and a healthy spousal relationship.  He plays hockey during the week and relishes his weekends taking advantage of time spent skiing with his kids, late night dinners with his friends and going to bed with the room spinning (just a little  bit).

I asked Chris the following questions;

If you won 10 million dollars, what would you do with it?

Chris: I would invest in my business, maybe do a few things for the family - I am happy, not much would change.

Do you give change to beggars?

Chris: It really depends on the approach.

Can you elaborate on that point?


Besides Eric Boyco, who do you admire most in the world?

After Eric.... That would be you Mike....Honestly?

Yes honestly Chris.

 I think it is myself. 

You sound like my brother JJ.

Well.... He was in my forum - I learn from the best! (Both reporter and subject laugh at the absurdity of the comment.)

If you could change anything, what would it be?

I would go back and would have paid more attention in school to my teachers.

You have now been an EO member for a long time, how has it helped you?

In so many  ways. It has helped me to think about my business and have access to all different contacts and entrepreneurs.

Best EO Moment?

Our retreat to Morocco was incredible!

What was the lowest point in your life and are you satisfied now?

I'm not really sure what was the lowest point, so maybe I still have not had one....Over all I am happy, business can always be better.

In parting Chris, if you could give all the youth in Canada one piece of advice from your own experience, what would it be?

Have a dream, make it happen.  Don't be influenced by shit people. Don't watch the train go by, be on that train!"

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