Rejecting the Recession, One Step at a Time

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On15 September 2009, Jon Berghoff, a renowned business coach and EO speaker, embarked from Washington, D.C., USA, on a 430-mile run to Cleveland, Ohio, USA. In an event coordinated by EO Cleveland, Jon will run an average of 50 miles each day for nine consecutive days. Beginning on the steps of the United States Capitol building, the “Recession Rejection” route will take Jon through some of the areas that have been hardest hit by the economic recession.

“This run is to symbolically make a statement that regardless of the economy, entrepreneurs and small business owners can create their own 'micro-economy',” said Berghoff. “We can shape our own destiny; even do what others might think is not possible.”

Along the Recession Rejection route, Jon will be stopping in Pennsylvania, USA, to meet with members of the EO Pittsburgh chapter. On the tenth day, upon his arrival in Cleveland, Jon will lead a Leadership Seminar for leading business owners in the area.

“Jon’s message of empowerment and determination is so important for our country’s business owners to hear right now, and we hope that his ultra marathon will inspire entrepreneurs all along his route to believe in themselves and their unique talents,” said Lou Licata, an EO Cleveland member and EO Director.

To read more about Jon's story, click here.

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