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1.1    The project involves operating a Loyalty Program for ENTREPRENEURS’ ORGANIZATION’s members via MAK’s Loyalty platform by providing MAK’s POS Software Application as well as backend connectivity and support.


1.2      The Loyalty Program shall be operated and maintained by MAK as per guidelines approved by the respective member of ENTREPRENEURS’ ORGANIZATION.


1.3      MAK will provide such maintenance services to ENTREPRENEURS’ ORGANIZATION and its member as may be necessary to ensure the smooth and proper functioning of Loyalty Program. Maintenance services will include ensuring the proper functioning of program smoothly on the Cards as well as on the POS Terminals. Further, upon mutual agreement between MAK and ENTREPRENEURS’ ORGANIZATION, MAK may make such changes to the existing Program as may be required for the smooth running of the Program.


1.4         Member may have different programs according to their business requirement


1.5         All members, using the loyalty program services through EO, will individually be responsible for their programs.



2.1         MAK will be required to design, install, operate & maintain Loyalty Program exactly as per guidelines approved by the respective member of ENTREPRENEURS’ ORGANIZATION.

2.2         MAK will be responsible to run the Program via Magnetic-Stripe Cards and in conjunction with POS Terminals, to be deployed by MAK, offering required services.

2.3         MAK will be responsible to develop a new and customized Points-based / Discount Based Software Application catering to member’s specific needs.

2.4         MAK will be responsible to port the Software Application on each and every POS Terminal deployed for ENTREPRENEURS’ ORGANIZATION’s Program. 

2.5         MAK shall provide any other ancillary services required by ENTREPRENEURS’ ORGANIZATION from time to time for ENTREPRENEURS’ ORGANIZATION’s Program. However, for any structural change in POS application, MAK will charge to the company separately.

2.6         Members of EO will be responsible to launch and operate the Loyalty Program on the front-end.

2.7         EO will be responsible to introduce MAK GLOBAL to its members nationwide.

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