Members Spot Light | June 2011


Mr. Syed Azhar Ali Nasir

EO KARACHI Joined on 14 Apr 2010


Q. What inspired you to join EO?

My dear friend and brother, Irfan Muneer, introduced me to EO. Since most of my friends were already part of EO, it wasn't long before I decided to become a member.


Q. What is your most memorable EO experience so far?

The RFAK concert was magnificent in its sheer magnitude of profile, arrangements, exposure and entertainment value. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and I felt great pride in wearing the EO badge that night.

Recently, the event featuring Sohail Wajahat Khan has been an amazing learning experience. It has affected me positively and has been a source of new-found inspiration.

Q. What is your favorite EO benefit?

 My Forum, Dabangg, has been, continues to and will be the biggest benefit of EO. 

Q. Why did you become an entrepreneur?

 My father would've preferred me to take up medicine, but I chose business studies as a means to joining the family business in his footsteps; thus initiating my entrepreneurial journey.    

Q. What should people know about doing business in Karachi?

Pakistan in general and Karachi in particular is not conducive to business. Countless government agencies and departments are bent upon creating obstacles in one's business.  Being an entrepreneur here entails having the ability to deal with this hostile environment, be it corruption, nepotism or unfair advantages others may have over you. This is why our entrepreneurs are definitely a number of chips above our counterparts in the developed world, where one has, relatively, a much more level playing field and not having to deal with the kind of challenges as do we.  Then again, it is this high risk & heap of challenges that translate into high returns and opportunities for those who endeavor & succeed.

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