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Ask An Expert: Why Does Foresight Matter in Times of Uncerta

30 August 2022 03:30 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Venue: Virtual
Location: United States

Ask An Expert: “Why Does Foresight Matter in Times of Uncertainty”

A “fireside” chat
This Ask an Expert session provides you with an opportunity to interact with Cecily Sommers, a leading business futurist, to learn why foresight matters in times of uncertainty, and how to think like a futurist. Before the session, you will be invited to submit questions to shape the “fireside”. Additional information about Cecily can be found here.

The Gift of Culture w/ Will Scott

13 September 2022 03:30 PM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Venue: The Rockhill Grille
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States

The Gift of Culture Keynote: Three Easy Fix’s for The Hardest, Most Important Thing in Business
Session Description:

    Deepen the loyalty, fulfillment and performance of your team and company with three easy fixes for the hardest, most important thing in business. Lead your team to love where they work, who they work with and also to appreciate the purpose and meaning of their work. Investing in culture yields the highest of all returns for the lowest investment and is fun!

Your Takeaways:
    - Drive employee engagement in a world where 2/3rds of all employees are disengaged (Gallup 2021)
    - Increase the productivity of your team in a world where 50% of the workforce is actively searching for a new job… while you pay them (Gallup 2021)
    - Prove you care in a world where uncaring leaders was the #1 reason that people left a job, even without another job in hand (McKinsey 2022)
    - Learn what good looks like and know how to create it with specific actions and tools
    - Avoid the pitfalls that trip up so many leaders and cause those embarrassing, brand-destroying scandals
    - Commit to bring your culture Alive, make it Thrive and use it to Drive performance
    - Address WFH, RTO, Retention and Attraction

You won't want to miss this! It's the easiest fix for the hardest thing in business.

The Gift of Culture Workshop

14 September 2022 09:00 AM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Venue: Flashcube Luxury Apartments
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Workshop:The Gift of Culture Workshop: People & Profits Prioritized with 9 Deeds in 90 Days

Session Description:

    Culture has never been more important. From the great resignation to the malaise of employee disengagement, retaining, hiring and leading with a conscious culture mindset is crucial in 2022 and the years to come. This energizing 3-hour workshop will cover the specific step-by-step tasks you can take to create the culture you always dreamed of.
    Bring your key exec team for a better result, added value and buy-in.

Your Takeaways
    - Understand the difference between core values and a valued culture
    - Provide your team with a unique language that will protect and enhance the best of your culture
    - Learn how to create the perfect CoreChart™ consisting of values, behaviors and purpose
    - Deploy your core values so that all your associates do their job and do what they say
    - Know how to hire and unhire for cultural alignment
    - Perfect using a scoring system to measure candidates and rank employees, teams and even customers
    - Teach your team to use values to make decisions the way you would and help them step into difficult conversations
    - Free tool to actually measure the strength of your culture and manage it going forward
    - Free copy of the best selling book: The Culture Fix by Will Scott

Inc. 5000 Award Ceremony w/ Mitch Allen

18 October 2022 06:00 PM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Venue: The Rockhill Grille
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Joins us for a keynote address from Mitch Allen, Owner of HireSanta, followed by a cocktail reception where we will recognize Kansas City’s Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies. Spend the evening mingling with members of the EOKC Chapter, Inc. 5000 recipients and other business leaders in Kansas City.

Ask an Expert: The Future of Work

25 October 2022 03:30 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Venue: Virtual
Location: United States

Ask An Expert: The Future of Work

A roundtable conversation

This Ask an Expert session will feature David Nilssen, an offshoring expert who will lead a discussion on the future of remote work, why attrition will continue to challenge EO businesses, what talent is looking for today plus how offshore talent can increase opportunities for your domestic team.

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