Entrepreneurs' Organization to Launch North Houston Chapter

Entrepreneurs taking advantage of the business boom north of Houston now have the opportunity to join their own network of company owners.

Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), a global nonprofit organization that includes some of the world's leading business owners, will launch a North Houston chapter Oct. 1.

Qualified entrepreneurs interested in joining the group, which offers experience-sharing,peer-to-peer mentoring and leadership training, are invited to attend a dinner Sept. 18. 

The organization places each entrepreneur in a small group of other peers that meet regularly to discuss in confidence the struggles and successes of owning a business and how to keep it in balance with personal life. World-class leadership training and business development skills are also taught during learning events throughout the year. 

The new chapter is being launched by the Entrepreneurs Organization- Houston, which has over 140 members.

“Entrepreneurs in the North Houston area have been members of the Houston chapter, but fight traffic and long commutes to come to  meetings and events,” said Mark Martin, the EO-Houston President. “ The Woodlands it the fastest-growing city in Texas. We want to offer the same support network those closer in town enjoy to our neighbors north of the city.”

To qualify, members must own or have a controlling ownership in a business that nets at least $1 million in annual revenues.

Prospective members interested in membership, or who would like to attend the Sept. 18 dinner that will feature a Houston chapter member sharing his experiences, should email [email protected]

Conditions of EO Membership Application and Renewal:
Every member who applies or renews their membership agrees to comply with the Policies and Procedures, Bylaws and Code of Conduct of Entrepreneurs' Organization. Current members must complete the online renewal form acknowledging review of the organization's Policies and Procedures, Bylaws and Code of Conduct.

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