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Lighthouse-Event: Learn & grow, become a better leader!

12 July 2018
Venue: Hearthouse Munich
Location: Munich, Germany

A great and unique EO Lighthouse Event, focusing on our abilities to become an even better leader. Starting with the training of our brain, then sharpening our senses and last but not least learning how to better work with our teams. You will be amazed by our three Speakers and how they will inspire all of us on our way to become a better leader.

EO Germany-Munich: "Leistungsmanagement" - Prof. Dr. Hermann

19 September 2018
Venue: P+P Pöllath + Partners
Location: München, Germany

Vom Sportpsychologen des DFB Weltmeisterteams lernen, wie Ihr Eure Rolle sowohl als Unternehmer, als Führungskraft, als auch als Leistungssportler optimieren könnt.

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