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Eitan Chitayat: Great brands don't happen by accident

15 November 2018
Venue: BVG
Location: Berlin, Germany

In Relation to case study: BVG's "Weil wir dich lieben"

People don’t have relationships with products. They have relationships with the brand. And brands can inspire millions to join a community…they can create a following which can change the world. In order to do that, your brand has to speak to people. That doesn't USUALLY happen by accident. Here’s a practical approach to creating one that’s both current and built to last.

Boardroom Meeting mit Dirk Kedrowitsch

29 November 2018
Venue: Publicis Pixelpark
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Boardroom Meeting mit

Dirk Kedrowitsch, Gründer von 
ElephantSeven und CEO von Publicis Pixelpark

Guru Event mit Constanze Buchheim

4 December 2018
Venue: Commehr
Location: Berlin, Germany

If the fit is right, magic happens - Wie man eine moderne Organisation baut, die Talente magisch anzieht

In einer offenen Input Session erläutert Constanze einen Führungs- und HR-Ansatz, der den Anforderungen des digitalen Zeitalters gerecht wird und Ansatzpunkte dafür liefert, wie es gelingt eine für Kunden und Talente gleichermaßen attraktive Organisation zu bauen.

Boardroom Meeting mit Martin Ott

13 February 2019
Venue: Facebook Office Berlin, Sonycenter
Location: Berlin, Germany

Bei diesem Event treffen wir Martin Ott, Europachef von Facebook, der seine Geschichte und wichtigsten Erfahrungen mit uns teilt.

EO Berlin TED Lighthouse Event 2019

16 May 2019
Venue: TBD
Location: Berlin, Germany

Ready to expand your mind? Then join us for one of the most ambitious learning events of the year. We will try to find some of the best ideas in EO. For that purpose a handful of carefully selected EO Berlin members plus a few members from other chapters will share their revolutionary concepts and inspiring life stories in a short TED-style presentation.

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