National Entrepreneurship Day: Fort Worth Entrepreneurs Plan to Hire, See Economic Rebound

Global Entrepreneur Survey highlights Fort Worth-area entrepreneurs

At a glance

  • Friday, November 22 is National Entrepreneurship Day
  • Survey included responses from 70 Fort Worth-based companies; representing over $2 billion in annual revenue locally.
  • Each respondent is the founder of a business with at least US $1 million in annual revenues

November 22, 2013 - (Fort Worth, TX) – Results from a recent survey conducted by The Entrepreneurs’ Organization indicate that 61% of Fort Worth-area entrepreneurs expect to hire more full-time workers, and 58% expect to hire more part-time workers in the coming 6 months. Those surveyed also believed that the economy is moving in a positive direction, with 77% reporting positive feelings about starting a new business in the next 6 months.  

These numbers are comparable to global numbers, which indicate that 63% of entrepreneurs around the world plan to hire more full-time workers; 52% of entrepreneurs plan to hire part-time workers; and 84% of global entrepreneurs hopeful about starting new ventures in the next coming 6 months.

The survey included 70 Fort Worth-area companies with at least $1 million in annual revenue and sizable impacts on the local economy. By focusing on entrepreneurs, the survey results are flexible enough to be at the forefront of business trends.

 “The results from the survey underscore that Fort Worth businesses are thriving and enhancing the local economy,” said EO Fort Worth Chapter President, John Cornelsen. “We expect Fort Worth-based businesses to continue growing, and we expect the market to continue its positive growth.”

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