Overcoming Obstacles: What is Your 'Panama Canal'?

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22 May 2013 – What one question can you ask 800 entrepreneurs from 30 countries at an Entrepreneurs Organization’s global leadership conference in Panama?

What is the ‘Panama Canal’ in your business?

Meaning, if you could cut through one big obstacle in your business that would allow you to grow exponentially, what would it be? When the Panama Canal was completed in 1914 it connected the Pacific to the Atlantic and changed global trade forever, saving ships months of travel around Cape Horn of South America and ultimately generating billions of trade dollars. Entrepreneurs are always trying to do things the fastest, most effective way so the Panama Canal metaphor seemed particularly fitting. Here is how a 5% sample of the 800 at the conference responded to a Panama Canal sketch (see below). I gave them a drop down menu of answers and being entrepreneurs, they also added a few new ones.

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