EO Qatar Chapter and Members Thrive in Global Economy

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31 January 2013 – The Entrepreneurs' Organization's (EO) latest results from its Global Entrepreneur Indicator research project show that entrepreneurs in Qatar benefited from a strong second half of 2012 and that most are predicting and robust first six months for 2013.

Entrepreneurs Organization have now announced the results for their research project conducted in November 2012, a biannual survey of business owners around the world that focuses on performance-related metrics like jobs, profits, and debt loads, as well as business climate which includes access to capital and predictions about the economy.

According to the EO survey, 86% of member companies in Qatar hired more full-time employees in the last six months of 2012 while only 14% downsized their labor force; 86% of Qatar companies saw their net profit grow in the last six months, where only 14 % of Qatar companies reported a lower net profit.

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