Entrepreneurs Bullish on Economy, Look to Launch New Businesses

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EO Global

31 January 2013 – Entrepreneurs’ Orga­nisation (EO), a global business network of over 9,000 entrepreneurs from well over 45 countries, feels Indian economy is not only strong and vibrant, but also stable. The spirit of the entrepreneurs, including the young and those already established, in looking to venture into new businesses indicates the widespread opportunities that the country’s economy has on offer, says Samer Ibrahim Kurdi, chairman, EO.

“Nearly 80 per cent of our about 660 EO members in the country are willing to start new businesses, which clearly indicates large opportunities for growth in India,” Kurdi, who is based out of Saudi Arabia and part of the Sunbulah Group, told FC. “It also indicates that Indian economy is not only strong and vibrant but also stable. And the eco-system in the country is very promising and attractive,” he added.

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