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Derrick Jackson

GSEA Program Manager

Global Headquarters

500 Montgomery Street, Suite 700
Alexandria, VA 22314 USA
Phone: +1.703.519.6700
Fax: +1.703.519.1864

GSEA Global Leadership

Bob Strade
Executive Director
Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Brian Costanzo
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Dan Heuertz
Emerging Programs Committee Chairman
Entrepreneurs’ Organization Chicago Member

Adam Robinson
GSEA Global Sub-Committee Chairman
Entrepreneurs’ Organization Chicago Member

GSEA Regional Leadership

Manny Ayala
GSEA Director, Asia Pacific Region
Entrepreneurs’ Organization Philippines Member

Pablo Hernandez-O’Hagan
GSEA Director, Latin America-Caribbean Region
Entrepreneurs’ Organization Mexico City Member

Marsha Ralls
GSEA Director, Eastern United States Region
Entrepreneurs’ Organization DC Member

Annush Ramasamy
GSEA Director, South Asia Region
Entrepreneurs’ Organization Coimbatore Member

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