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Awards Information

Who is Eligible?

The EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards welcomes nominations from any country around the globe!

Here are the criteria for the 2014/15 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards:

  • The student must be an undergraduate student at a recognized university or college and enrolled in school at the time of application.
  • The student must be the owner, founder or controlling shareholder of their company and principally responsible for its operation.
  • The student’s company must have been in business for at least the past six consecutive months, and the business must be a for-profit business.
  • The student must have not been the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards winner in the past and/or were not one of the five finalists for the 2013/14 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Finals competition.

Please contact Global Student Entrepreneur Awards should you have any questions regarding these criteria.

Awards Process

The path to the Global Finals is a challenging one for the student entrepreneurs competing in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. Here is the step-by-step process a student entrepreneur goes through, from application to the final awards:

  • A student applies for the GSEA through our online application. A student can also be nominated at eo-gsea/nominate.

  • Once we receive the student’s fully completed application, we check to ensure that the student qualifies for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards based on the criteria listed above.
    Please Note: A student’s application is also evaluated by a panel of Entrepreneurs’ Organization members and Senior Executives based on the following criteria:
    - Completeness. At time of review, the student entrepreneur submitted a signed letter from accountant or financials verifying business revenues
    - Application shows student entrepreneurs’ ability to overcome obstacles
    - Clarity of business mission and vision
    - Leadership
    - Innovation
    - Presentation. We request a non-essay format response to application questions.

  • Depending on the student’s location, one of two steps will happen next:
    - If the student is located in an area with a local, regional, or national competition: Students that are in regional competition areas may have different deadlines for their completed application! Please check the Geographic Competitions page for application deadlines. Successful applicants selected to compete will be contacted with the times and dates for specific competitions.
    - If the nominee is located in an area without a regional or national competition: The student selected to represent that country will be contacted by GSEA regarding next steps.

  • If the applicant should advance past this stage, all details regarding the judging criteria, competition location, competition requirements (i.e. written report), presentation guide and competition agenda will be provided to the competing student entrepreneur.

  • The first place winner of the regional competition will be invited to compete at the GSEA Global Finals competition. Further details on the GSEA Finals competition are provided as we get closer to the date.

  • All finalists are given a competition package including the judging criteria, timeline, information on hotel, travel, the awards reception and more.  Finalists are encouraged to gain the support of a mentor or peer to prepare the written work and presentation for the Global Finals.

  • Finalists compete at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Finals, presenting on their business to a panel of distinguished entrepreneurs.  Should the Finalist advance through to the afternoon Final Round of the Global Finals, they will present again to a new panel of high-level CEOs and entrepreneurs. The winner is announced the evening of the competition at the GSEA Awards Dinner.

Should you have any questions on any step of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards process, please e-mail us at

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