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Brandon Dempsey

Subcommittee Chair

EO St. Louis

Tara Wilson

Committee Member

EO Fort Worth

Cameron Madill

Committee Member

EO Portland

Michael Hobbs

Committee Member

EO Chicago

Mark Comiso

Lead Accelerator Trainer

EO Silicon Valley

Robert Clinkenbeard

Lead Accelerator Director

EO Arizona

David Bartholomeusz

Accelerator Director - APAC

EO South Australia

Linus Chang

Accelerator Director - APAC

EO Australia-Victoria

Saahil Mehta

Accelerator Director - MEPA


Ronen Aires

Accelerator Director - MEPA

EO Johannesburg

​Stephan van Gelder

Accelerator Director - Europe

EO Netherlands

​Luis Gonzalez-Aspuru

Accelerator Director - LAC

EO Mexico City

​Cesar Quintero

Accelerator Director - US East

EO South Florida​​

Francis Hu

Accelerator Director - US West

EO Orange County​

Ron Lee

Accelerator Director - US Central South

EO San Antonio​​​

Dan Moshe

Accelerator Director - US Central North

EO Minnesota​​

Michael Bacchus

Accelerator Director - Canada​​​​​​​​​

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