Our emotions are powerful. Fear, passion, worry, love and anxiety are strong forces that live within ourselves and others. Our vulnerability, authenticity and real power come from sharing our feelings in the world.

Daring Greatly: Brene Brown is a powerful researcher/storyteller. Her Ted Talk is one of the most watched ever. She also maintains a strong list of wholehearted nonfiction.

Unleashing the Power of Emotional Connection: Raphael Cushnir writes about your feelings in your body and how to feel them fully, and what emotional resistance does to us all. We can become skilled emotional surfers, and wake up one moment at a time. Emotional Surfing.

Crossing the Bridge: Hedy Schleifer is a fascinating psychotherapist who has made a film and a great TED talk about the ‘art of relationships’. Simple but profound concepts and ideas presented with passion and clarity.

Queendom: Emotional Intelligence Test. A real one. With results. Queendom is an interesting (and potentially dangerous spot) where many self-evaluation ​ tools are available online… The center of FEEL is emotional intelligence… from recognizing your own emotions to being able to read them in others and understand. For $10 and about 20 minutes of your time, you can get the full results from this academically rigorous test.

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